From "How Google Works" by Eric Schmidt

From "How Google Works" by Eric Schmidt

Holacracy's Meeting Facilitator: An elected facilitator, whose job it is to shut down anything outside the meeting rules

TGIF Feedback meetings: Both Google and 37Signals have weekly all-hands (“TGIF”) meetings for employees to ask questions directly to the CEOs about company issues.

Google's Default to Open: Valuing transparency and sharing quarterly reports with employees

Transparency at Pinterest and Stripe: From an interview with the founders on Genius

Your Org is a Product: BuzzFeed on Org Structures

Medium's Feedback MadLibs: How Medium is using narrative MadLibs to make the feedback process more relevant and actionable, and the process more human-centered.

How Leaders at Google, Buzzfeed and More Make Decisions on Fast Company

Manu Cornet's wonderful illustration of power structure is below:


Explore other culture levers:

1) Values: Core assumptions and priorities
2) TalentWhat organizations look for in new members; how they hire, onboard, incentivize and train employees
4) RitualsCeremonies, social environment and behaviors, dress codes
5) Ways of WorkingThe "way we do things around here": norms, the ways organizations respond to problems
6) Physical environmentoffice space, physical artifacts, work hours