From "How Google Works" by Eric Schmidt

From "How Google Works" by Eric Schmidt

TGIF Feedback meetings: Both Google and 37Signals have weekly all-hands (“TGIF”) meetings for employees to ask questions directly to the CEOs about company issues.

Google's Default to Open: Valuing transparency and sharing quarterly reports with employees

Transparency at Pinterest and Stripe: From an interview with the founders on Genius

Your Org is a Product: BuzzFeed on Org Structures

Medium's Feedback MadLibs: How Medium is using narrative MadLibs to make the feedback process more relevant and actionable, and the process more human-centered.

How Leaders at Google, Buzzfeed and More Make Decisions on Fast Company

A Practical Guide to Cross-Functional Work by The Ready

The Tyranny of Structureless by Jo Freeman

How IDEO Designs Teamwork, interview with Dana Cho 

How Basecamp Structures its Work and Teams by Jason Fried

Functional vs. Unit Organizations

Design the Team You Need to Succeed

Manu Cornet's wonderful illustration of power structure is below:


Explore other culture levers:

1) Values: Core assumptions and priorities
2) TalentWhat organizations look for in new members; how they hire, onboard, incentivize and train employees
4) RitualsCeremonies, social environment and behaviors, dress codes
5) Ways of WorkingThe "way we do things around here": norms, the ways organizations respond to problems
6) Physical environmentoffice space, physical artifacts, work hours