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Makeshift's Lending Library: to share ideas and values. Also a tool library.

Google's "Googlegeist": Annual feedback survey on hundreds of issues

A Different Kind of Onboarding: Resetting agency culture to care deeply about employees

Airbnb's process of building a team- The annotated version of a lecture at Stanford's How to Start A Startup Class featuring Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb and Alfred Lin, former COO of Zappos. The full video lecture is here.

How to Hire- by Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator

Hiring at Pinterest and Stripe: From an interview with the founders on Genius

IBM's Internal Crowdfunding: Give employees a budget to pitch ideas (internal kickstarter)

Expensify's Overseas retreat: A month-long offshore for all employees

How Netflix Reinvented HR: The company's expense policy is five words long: Act In Netflix' Best Interest. It's compensation policy? Be honest and treat people like adults.

How We Start: Assist CEO Shane Mac's Guide to on-boarding new employees with physical artifacts and rituals

RRE's Talent Playbook

VC Fred Wilson on Getting Human Resources Right



Explore other culture levers:

1) Values: Core assumptions and priorities
3) Power structureHow people obtain, maintain, and lose power; how they give and receive feedback
4) RitualsCeremonies, social environment and behaviors, dress codes
5) Ways of WorkingThe "way we do things around here": norms, the ways organizations respond to problems
6) Physical environmentoffice space, physical artifacts, work hours