Hyper Island's Toolbox

Hyper Island's Toolbox


5 Dynamics: IDEO uses this to understand how individual team members contribute to a project. 

Sarah Singer & Co: Team training and facilitation 

Hyper Island's Toolbox: Creative collaboration tools

The Atlantic created a new microsite called Working Better, with ideas and tools from experts on three topics: alignment, productivity, and agility.

The Keys to Scaling Yourself as a Technology Leader by Adam Pisoni

The New Science of Team Chemistry on difference work styles




Explore other culture levers:

1) Values: Core assumptions and priorities
2) TalentWhat organizations look for in new members; how they hire, onboard, incentivize and train employees
3) Power structureHow people obtain, maintain, and lose power; how they give and receive feedback
4) RitualsCeremonies, social environment and behaviors, dress codes
6) Physical environmentoffice space, physical artifacts, work hours