Illustrators I Love Who Work for Organizations I Love

In my last post, I mentioned my love for Alice Lee, the creator of Slack's website illustrations. In addition to Alice Lee, there are several other illustrators who I love who are doing great work for organizations I love.

Here are some of my faves:

Tomi Um

I first found out about Tomi when I worked at Casper. Tomi did several rounds of ad illustrations for Casper, and she's also done work for Google Docs.

Rebecca Mock

Rebecca has done illustrations for Airbnb, as well as many other publications. In this series, she focused on moments of arrival during travel.



Felicia Chiao

Felicia Chiao is an industrial designer at IDEO by day, and an illustrator at night. You can see what's inside her Moleskine in this IDEO blog post.



Or Gotham

Or Gotham does illustrations for Warby Parker, among many other clients. Perhaps most notably, he illustrated Warby Parker's 2014 Annual Report (see sample report here). Read more about Or on Warby's blog here.

Ping Zhu

Ping Zhu does illustrations for Airbnb, Delta, Warby Parker, AMEX, and Slack. Below is an illustration of a NYC neighborhood for Airbnb, and a food illustration for Delta.


Liz Fosslien

Liz Fosslien is an illustrator and is also my co-author of the forthcoming book about feelings in the workplace (as well as my co-author for numerous other articles). Below are illustrations she's done for Salesforce, Stanford's, and LinkedIn.


Wendy MacNaughton

Wendy writes her own books and does illustrations for the New York Times and other media outlets, but still manages to have time to do the occasional commissioned work. She did several wonderful series for Genentech (here and here).


Who are some of your favorite illustrators?