Six Manifestos on Design and Work

I love culture manifestos (I've written about them here, here, and here). But if you're an individual, you can also use a manifesto to define and communicate your own beliefs and values.

Here are some of my favorite individual manifestos about design and work:

1) Stanford Professor Bob Sutton's 17 Things I Believe about the workplace:

2) Designer Bruce Mau's An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth:

3) Author Gretchen Rubin's 12 Personal Commandments (she also has several other manifestos here):

4) Author Susan Cain's Quiet Revolution Manifesto about the power of introverts:

5) Designer Dieter Ram's Ten Principles of Good Design:

6) Former RISD President John Maeda's 10 laws for business, design, and life:

Find hundreds more at 1000 Manifestos and Design Manifestos

What are your favorite personal manifestos?