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How Startup Able Health Developed a Culture Guide

Steve Daniels, President and Co-Founder of Able Health, recently led his startup through a culture setting process to create a culture guide. Steve and his co-founder, Rachel Katz, understood that it was important to be intentional about their culture from the very beginning. Even though they only have eight employees, they just made their internal culture guide public on github. I asked Steve to walk me through how this process worked. Here's what he said....

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Future of HR: People Operations Teams

If you follow as many culture blogs and newsletters as I do, you've probably noticed a shift in terminology over the last five years. Organizations have started calling their HR departments by a new name: People Operations, People Teams, Talent Team, or some variant of one of those. 

Jacob Morgan on Huffington Post recently reported that Human Resources is Dead, and Maia Josebachvili recently wrote on LinkedIn that "Human Resources is reinventing itself. The most progressive companies have replaced HR with new People Teams."

I wondered why this shift happened, and who started it? In 2006, Google was the first company to change its HR department name to People Operations.

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