IDEO's bathroom wall

IDEO's bathroom wall


Inside The Creative Office Culture: Fast Company article on Facebook, IDEO, and Virgin's offices

Chimp's Ambition Statement Projector Wall: To showcase moving text or images that are updated frequently

Jump Associate's office staircase as meeting place: During weekly meetings, leaders stand on the stairs

Harley-Davidson's Empathy wall: Photos of customers, products, and experiences

IDEO's Bathroom Brainstorming wall: encourages employees to find inspiration by brainstorming ideas on the walls of its studios’ restrooms (can also be done through post its)

Soundcloud's Intentional Office Design: Designing space for spontaneity

IDEO's Skillshare: a wall for employees to share crafts and skills

Office Interior Design on a Dorm Room Budget: NYTimes article about designer Brad Sherman's work for Food52 and Casper



Explore other culture levers:

1) Values: Core assumptions and priorities
2) TalentWhat organizations look for in new members; how they hire, onboard, incentivize and train employees
3) Power structureHow people obtain, maintain, and lose power; how they give and receive feedback
4) RitualsCeremonies, social environment and behaviors, dress codes
5) Ways of WorkingThe "way we do things around here": norms, the ways organizations respond to problems